Inland Revenue now accepts tax payments with PIX

In partnership with the IRS, even the „Darf“ can be paid by the new means of payment of the Bacen.

The Inland Revenue will start accepting tax payments through PIX. The action will allow a PIX code to be placed not all the tax documents in the country.

Last Thursday (3), the Central Bank of Brazil announced that more than 100 million keys had already been registered. In other words, adoption of the PIX system continues to increase after its launch in November.

The initiative has begun to be implemented by the Central Bank as a response to cryptomorphisms, such as Bitcoin, for example. With a high adoption of this technology by Brazilians, Bacen ran to create a competitor.

Last November, PIX started operating and started gaining traction.

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Tax payment with PIX starts to become a reality for Banco do Brasil customers
The Central Bank of Brazil continues its efforts to place PIX as Brazil’s main digital payment system. In addition to replacing DOC and TED, PIX can even be used for payments in shops and businesses. In other words, it is a comprehensive digital payment solution.

However, the IRS now joins PIX as well, being another government agency to encourage the system. The IRS is expected to put all tax payments to PIX.

It is worth noting that with PIX payments work even on weekends and in the early hours of the morning. Thus, the first banking institution to support the payment of taxes with PIX was Banco do Brasil.

„Banco do Brasil is the first of the collection agents to incorporate PIX into the collection service provided to the Federal Government, a service that is under the management of the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil. With this development, the Federal Revenue Collection Document (Darf), the main collection document of the Federal Government, will have a QR Code that will allow the payment by PIX,“ said the RFB.

The Brazilian IRS expects that throughout 2021 all collection documents will come with QR Code do Pix. In other words, the 320 million or so payments received by the municipality could be paid with the new technology of the Central Bank, the RFB said.

Brazil’s central bank celebrates PIX membership
Last Thursday evening (3), the Central Bank of Brazil celebrated PIX membership. With more than 100 million keys already created in less than a month, it is possible that a large part of the population has already experienced the solution.

Of this figure, most of the keys are related to the CPF, i.e., of individuals. Secondly, the random keys are the most created, followed by the mobile phone. The CNPJ keys are the ones with the least records according to the BCB statistics.

The solution, however, is still viewed with suspicion by some, such as a PT MP who recently questioned PIX’s privacy. In any case, PIX is starting to gain traction and is even starting to be used for tax collection in Brazil.