France: presentation of VeraOne and its gold-backed token

The French company VeraOne (VRO) offers a gold-backed token.

VeraOne has already tokenized the equivalent of 16 kilos of gold on the blockchain

In 2019, the companies; Veracash and Lingold team up to create 100% gold- based stablecoin-type token ERC_20 : VeraOne (VRO)

The total tokenized holdings held by owners of VRO addresses is now approaching 16 kilos of gold. In other words, 15,722 VRO tokens evolve on the Bitcoin Circuit blockchain.

It is thus more than 1550 addresses which currently hold VRO. A success barely 9 months after the start of the project. Thus, owning VROs is indirectly holding gold since 1 VRO = 1 gram of gold.

Or Vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin and gold have both benefited from the high uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent Bloomberg report. The latest analyzes predict that BTC and gold will continue to outperform other assets in 2020. Mike McGlone, Bloomberg analyst said:

Among the few assets that have risen during this tumultuous year, gold and Bitcoin stand out (…) I expect the price of BTC to continue to appreciate.

The report adds that the appreciation of gold and Bitcoin could accelerate in this context of strong monetary creation by central banks. Investors wishing to protect themselves from inflation.

The ounce of gold is currently at $ 1,934. The precious metal even crossed the symbolic mark of 2,000 dollars in August. Since the start of the year, gold has jumped 33%, its biggest annual gain of the decade.